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Premium bespoke Back-End software for enterprise

Fitsoftware provides a dynamic team of no-BS senior engineers that work in a transparent way closely with you.

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About Fitsoftware

No-BS, experienced software engineers.

Our crew always does its best to step into the client’s shoes. This way, we make sure to speak the same language and strive for the same purpose. The projects we have already accomplished are our measure of success.

You will get a dedicated team focused on turning your idea into a working solution to help you build a product you believe in. When coming up against any obstacle, we prefer face-to-face contact whenever possible as we believe this personal approach ensures that issues are taken care of faster and more efficiently.

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What We Offer

IT Solutions for Your Every Need

Complex Back-End Development

DevOps and IT Infrastructure

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Big Data Engineering



The Process - How We Work with You

1) On-boarding

  • Video call about the project details

  • Getting to know each other

  • Verifying project’s feasibility

  • Rough budgeting

  • Proposing next steps

2) Development Phase

  • Competition and benchmarks

  • Preparations for the workshop

  • Defining users

  • Discussing pains and gains

  • Defining Minimum Viable Product

  • Prototyping to visualize and validate MVP

  • Usability testing

  • Visual design of the product

  • Software development

3) Product Release

  • Implementation of analytics tools

  • Product launch

  • Tech support & maintenance

4) On-going Maintenance or Team Enablement

We are happy to provide support after the project is completed. If the decision is to maintain and further develop the project internally, we'll provide team enablement show-casting exactly how to make further modifications.

Technologies we excel at

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Got a project idea?
Let's have a quick call to:

  • Find out how bespoke software can help your business.

  • Estimate the time and budget needed to develop a solution.

  • Learn more about our expertise and capabilities.

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